Achy breaky body

img_2043Today was hard graft

bitching roots from a giant species of forget me knots… the most horrid spaghetti like roots all clumped together is massive forms

5 hours digging today with a little help from my new friends mr and Mrs blackbird and leo the frog ! Leo did scare the crap out of me hiding in the middle of the hedge I was pruning right back, the poor bugger nearly had some body modification done ! A Quick leo removal and I was able to carry on to find leo right behind me again desperate attempt to help prune ! 🥴

Customer is quiet happy With the progress ! Membrane to go down hopefully tomorrow, if I can move… needs to be done before the 2 bulk bags of slate arrive ……I’m sure voddy will help aches and pains….. right …..

exciting to see the changes … even though it only cosmetic it’s going to make a huge impact… are in my gallery