distasterous weekend…maybe

well, what can i say, ill start at the beginning..

 Back in feb 2014 i  signed up for the london to paris cycle ride for alzheimers society seemed like a really good idea at the time, getting my fat ass in action (no rude puns intended) so i could loose some much hated weight, raise some much needed cash to help vunerable people have 1:1 care at certified hospices and feel abit better about being me.

Training on a cheap crappy bike does you no favours, it hurts everywhere, u feel like your on a bike made out of paper and it is going to buckle under you at any moment… WOMAN…..padded shorts are a good investment believe me !

Hence a expensive trip to a local bike shop.. it was totally worth it though. Me and the bike have racked up alot of miles since.

So planning my first fundraising event was not hard, i tried my talents at a local table top sale, i spent hours making beautiful cushions and throws only to fail dramatically, if had taken a car full of broken crap to sell i would of made a fortune. I had also stated to sponsors that if i raised my first £500 i would dye my hair blue untill i had completed the ride in spetember… and tbh most people in my town like it, but the neighbours dont ! i have been slagged off in the other local pub.. been called a tramp and scruffy… even though these small minded people did not have the decency to ask why my hair was that colour, but no… the snobs see tattoos and a different hair colour and they get on their bloody soap box ! hence they failed as little did they know a good friend of mine was actually serving them in that said pub and quickly stopped them in their tracks… go fi !

2nd attempt was at easter at our local pub the wyandotte (or winnidotte as dad calls it…bless) a table in the middle of a pub patio was good… but as much as i tired to raise sponsors and sell my goods ended up as another fail. Only £60 raised.. a small fraction of the £2k i want.

Wounded pride hit, i started to think i was going to fail, training was hard especially when juggling around the kids and work, its near enough impossible let alone i was desperatly wanting to be out on the bike with some serious heavy metal on the ipod and to forget the world…………


So i spoke to karl and simon ( wyandotte owners) beautiful couple and amazing attitiude towards raising money for chairty, they suggested another funday at the pub just for me and alzheimers, the date was set 31st may. Balloon race will be an great idea to finish the day off, Boucy castle for the kids and bbq and beer! perfect eh !…little did i know.. it was half term week, weather was being a bitch, the pub was having a make over and no bugger turned up….. what a kick in the balls…. the money and time i spent arranging it all.. but we did raise £200… not loads but another small dent off the target…my life is by no means plain sailing, i have alot of issues going on atm and things like this dont help, maybe i set my target too high? who knows, i do know that i have to think of something else to try, i do not want to fail..


it wont help that i signed up for another bike ride today, newbury racecourse in july…. choose the intermediate course, 80 odd miles, thought it would be perfect to give myself a small goal before the l2p in september… didnt tell hubby i bought myself aloads of new gear too… ha need to know basis….. i do know that tom as soon as kids are back at school im getting on my bike and beasting myself ! punish myself for having a week off, come rain or shine im going out..*ipod is on charge*


If anyone can suggest any good findraising ideas let me know please